The all-in-one CRM and
marketing solution.

Simple. Intuitive.

Made with membership organizations and associations in mind.

Why Clubs, Membership Organizations and Associations love ClubCRM

All-in-one solution to grow your business

ClubCRM brings together uber-practical CRM and automation software features so that you can engage customers during each step of the buyer’s journey—and moving leads down the sales funnel.

Centralized contacts and communications

Lead management, account management, contact management, mailing lists and email communications centralized in one place.

Integrated e-mails and marketing automation

ClubCRM puts you in the driver’s seat with easy-to-use email templates and e-mail automation. Drag and drop editing and campaign management is simple and intuitive. No need for third-party software and complicated integrations.

Developed specifically for SMBs

Deploy ClubCRM to your team in minutes! Its simple and intuitive interface slashes sales and marketing admin time so they can focus on what really counts: closing sales!

Engage and grow your membership faster
with a Cloud-based CRM

ClubCRM is a no-nonsense,
yet full-featured, CRM that
takes you, your team and your
club to a whole new level.
Rely on a CRM that is secure,
intuitive, and easy to use.

Keep all your members, guests and opportunities in one place

Every membership and event sales professional needs three things: efficiency, control and visibility. With ClubCRM you can personalize your dashboards, see everything you want to see at a single glance, and track your efforts.

  • Easily track your membership and event inquiries
  • Easy webforms integration with your website
  • Store all customer info, files and images
  • Access your customer database anywhere, on any device
  • Define customer attributes and add custom profile fields

Get 360° pipeline
& sales visibility

The more you know, the better you and your teams can perform.
Expand your view of everyday activities so you can be more efficient, improve sales processes and close more deals.

  • Get membership and catering sales pipeline forecasting in real-time
  • Close more sales faster with easy lead management
  • Contact Management
  • Boost productivity with opportunity tracking, follow-up alerts and task creation
  • Optimize decision-making with clear views on team performance

Create email
campaigns that
deliver the right
message at the
right time

With ClubCRM, you deliver personalized emails timed to perfection. Get real. Get engaged!

  • Create impactful email campaigns with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Or use pre-built e-mail templates – just add your copy and images
  • With our advanced filtering, develop tailored campaigns to your target audience
  • Our campaign dashboard helps you measure campaign effectiveness

Achieve higher
results with

Nurture contacts with highly personalized content that helps convert prospects into customers. Create automated alerts to quickly follow-up on web-to lead forms.

  • Build automated marketing campaigns with a personal touch
  • Segment and manage different lists
  • Plan multi-touch emails and track prospect interests
  • Trigger sales calls at precise times with scoring information
  • Improve lead tracking with auto-responders

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Ready to see what ClubCRM can
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