Powerful CRM features designed to help
you get organized and have a significant
impact on sales growth

CRM Software Features

Centralize contact &
account information

  • Get organized and access all of your account information in one place
  • Import & manage your lists and contacts easily
  • Enrich contact profiles with our through social media connector
  • Track all activities, files, contacts, notes, deals, estimates, sales
  • Personalize your CRM with custom fields
  • Filter your data quickly based on various criteria

Simplify your activity

  • Centralize tasks and activities with your customer information
  • Schedule your tasks and meetings and view priorities
  • Access your activities on the road from any device
  • Setup activity reminders and alerts
  • Create activities for yourself and for your team

Increase sales

  • See your sales pipeline at a glance
  • Move your opportunities through sales stages
  • Set alerts and notifications
  • Save time finding documents by attaching them to your contacts
  • Access ClubCRM from your mobile on the go

Improve pipeline
visibility and

  • Get total visibility deals by sale stage
  • Access your forecast and pipeline in real time
  • Review activities, pipeline and sales dashboards in a snapshot
  • Let’s you take action and stay in control
  • Easy and intuitive to use

Create engaging
emails & marketing

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop email editor
  • Start from email templates or create your own
  • Send email campaigns to nurture your leads and increase conversion
  • Track email activity from a simple dashboard
  • Mobile friendly responsive email templates
  • Preview emails as they would appear on any device
  • Personalize emails based on first name, company name, or any custom information
  • Each email is sent out one at a time, to help avoid spam filters

automation saves
time and increases

  • Increase engagement with pre-set emails ready to go
  • Automate and personalize web form or landing pages responses
  • Promote your business with emails pre-set with specific delivery dates
  • Setup lead scoring to evaluate prospect readiness to buy
  • Advanced features include automated tasks, notifications for you & your team
  • Connect your website or landing page to web analytics to view traffic and activity

ClubCRM has all the essentials you need and more to be released frequently.
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