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Manage prospects and customers

Filters (member data, activities, prospects, opportunities)
Dashboards (prospective sales and opportunities)
Optimized for mobile devices
Google Maps integrated in each client file
Documents on clients/opportunities
Sales library
Smart tool to import .xls files
Follow-ups and reminders
Note and activity management
Task planning
Sync with Gmail, Outlook and others
Email sync
Integration with Gmail and Outlook

Maximize sales & marketing

Software for email campaigns
2-way email sync capacity
Editor for high-performance emails
Sales funnel management
Creation of fields
Creation of customized fields
Integration with Google Analytics
Social profiling
Security and permissions based on roles
Sales activity & forecast reports

Reach the next level: automation

Sync with MS Office 365
Marketing automation rules
Workflow automation
Follow-ups on emails and web site visitors
Lead scoring
Assignment of rules for prospects


Sales management

Multi-stage opportunity management
Note, task and document management for each opportunity
Sales funnel dashboard

Accounting software

Syncing of client files
Integration with client history (quotes, sales funnel
Access to quotes and invoices in real time
Creation of email lists and customized emails
Creation of automated marketing campaigns


*Acomba and QuickBooks supported

Simple plans, no contracts, no setup, no hidden fees

10,000 emails and more

$10 per month per EACH add’l layer of 10,000 e-mails per company account